An Incredibly Challenging ALL COLORS Puzzle

If you’ve been looking for a real challenge, I’ve got a doozy for ya.

all colors3

This beautiful 5,000 piece puzzle contains every color in the CYMK spectrum. Each tile is an individual color, and the task is to place each color exactly in relation to every other colour. And let me just say, that’s no easy task.

Apparently the makers originally made a 1,000 piece puzzle that just wasn’t enough of a challenge for eager puzzlers, and the result was the creation of this LENGTH. They also make a 100-piece color spectrum puzzle for younger or less experienced puzzlers.

all colors1

all colors2

You can order the 5,000 piece puzzle for $150 or the 1,000 for $40.

At the very least its assembly makes for a riveting time lapse.

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