An Unfinishable Jigsaw Puzzle

Science nerds rejoice, but if completing a puzzle is your favorite part of the puzzling experience, you will hate this.

They call it the “Infinity Puzzle”: a puzzle that has no fixed shape, no starting point, and thousands of configurations. It was designed after a fascinating scientific concept called the “Klein Bottle” which is essentially an impossible 3D shape where the inside and outside are mathematically indistinguishable. To clarify this even further, the pieces from the right side of the puzzle can attach to the left side but only after they are flipped over.


In sum: the Infinity Puzzle has no inside, outside, up, or down side. It can start anywhere on any side! That pretty much eliminates the puzzling trick of beginning by flipping over all the pieces to be right side up.

The Infinity Puzzle also displays a picture of the galactic center of the Milky Way. The image is continuous on both sides.

It costs $130 and you can purchase it here, but people were so into this idea that they’ve already sold out! Expect to wait a few weeks for your Infinity Puzzle to ship.

Nervous System, the company responsible for this scientific puzzling gem, actually makes a lot of really cool puzzles you can check out here.

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