Halloween Puzzles To Start On Early!


Summer’s coming to a close, which unfortunately means the end of warm weather but fortunately means fall is here! And with fall comes my all-time favorite holiday: Halloween!

Here’s a pretty great collection of Halloween puzzles I found. I don’t know about you guys, but I’m really excited to pop in “Monster Mash” and put these things together.

Halloween Town
This one is only 550 pieces so it’s not too tricky but it looks beautiful when it’s assembled!
Halloween Cupcakes
Looks delicious! 24″ x 30″ and 1000 piecces makes for a great kitchen decoration.
Candy Corn PuzzleThis one is little tricker with all the identical candy corn pieces. 24″ x 18″. Haunted House Puzzle
Creepy, largely dichromatic, and perfect for Halloween! 24″ x 18″, 500 pieces.
500 Piece Jack-O-Lantern Puzzle
Here’s a 14″ x 19″ pumpkin puzzle! A little trickier with the similar images but only 500 pieces.
Monsters’ Night Out
This one featuring our favorite Halloween monsters is my favorite. It’s also 1000 pieces
Trick or Treat

Here’s another Trick or Treat puzzle but this one’s a little more fun and playful than the last. 500 pieces.

Candy Wrappers

This one’s a classic White Mountain candy wrapper puzzle, so really it’s good for all seasons. 1000 pieces.

Let me know if you have any other Halloween favorites or find anything better out there.

Happy Haunting! I mean, puzzling.

Automobile Puzzles

The Chicago Auto Show just wrapped up last month and it left me with cars on the brain, so I thought I’d channel that into a bit of jigsaw research.

As it turns out, there are more people out there besides me who share a love of cool cars and jigsaw puzzles. So wouldn’t you know it, I found a bunch of really great puzzles for combining those two interests.

Ford Truck Evolution Puzzle
This 1000 piece puzzle shows you how the Ford truck model has evolved over the  years. It’s pretty cool, and 20 x 27 inches.
3D Wood Car Puzzle
This is a pretty simple 3D wood puzzle that looks awesome when it’s finished.
American Cars Of The Fifties Puzzle
Here’s another interesting historical one that also has 1000 pieces.
1937 Chevy Pickup Puzzle
This vintage Chevy puzzle is 19.25″ x 26.5″. Looks great when framed.
300 Piece Monster Truck Puzzle
This is a nice Ravensburger, not too difficult but with a cool Monster Truck image.
Classic Cars Interlocking Piece Puzzle
I really like this one because the images overlap which makes it a little trickier. It’s also 2000 pieces.
Yellow 3D Lamborghini Puzzle

This is a good-looking 3D lamborghini puzzle. They also have it in green.

All American Muscle Cars
Talk about patriotic. The tri-chromatic color scheme adds a little challenge to this 1000 piecer.

Like I said, there’s a decent amount of puzzles in this genre out there, ranging from pretty simple to complex. A lot of them tend to focus more on older, vintage models though.

If you find any other cool automobile type puzzles, especially any of newer car models, let me know!

Block Puzzles for Toddlers

I’ve got a 2 year old in my life that has recently become obsessed with block puzzles – also known as cube puzzles. It is so fun to watch her get involved with the picture on each of the blocks and puzzling (literally!) how they go together. The one she was playing with was a Eric Carle Brown Bear puzzle with a different animal on each side of the cubes. It was so cute to here her squeals of delight as she was able to assemble the animals that are very familiar from repeated bed time readings! I’m going to send her a few more of these puzzles as gifts. Below are some of the one’s that looked the best to me. I’ll probably start with some of the Melissa & Doug cube puzzles as I know they make a high quality product.

Brown Bear Block PuzzleBrown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? Block Puzzle Forest Friends block puzzleCould that owl get any cuter?
Melissa & Doug Vehicles wooden cube puzzleNice fire engine! Melissa & Doug Farm Animals Cube PuzzleThe cow and the sheep are my favorite.
Mickey Mouse clubhouse wooden cube puzzle6 scenes of your favorite Disney characters on this cube puzzle. Bits and Pieces square puzzle spinnerThis is a little different than the other block puzzles, but looks fun and educational.

The fact that most of these puzzles are study cardboard or wood adds to their appeal. They are sturdy and will last for a long time. Additionally, the 6 sided images pack a lot of deployability in a small, inexpensive package. I’m going to start giving a block puzzle or a cube puzzle to all the little kids in my life that need gifts.

Augmented Reality Jigsaw Puzzles

We’ve written about Ravensburger puzzles before on this site.  I think they are one of the most versatile companies on the market right now.  Today I want to tell you about a fun genre of puzzling that blends tradition with technology.  For the last several years, Ravensburger has been producing a line of augmented reality puzzles.  Augmented reality is when you use a computer to add extra information to the physical world.  One famous example is the yellow first-down line that shows up in televised (American) football games.  Ravensburger has created some innovative jigsaw puzzles using augmented reality to combine standard puzzling with smartphones and tablets.

The way this works is actually very simple.  You just work the puzzle normally.  When you are done, you have assembled a typical high quality 1000 piece Ravensburger jigsaw.  Then you download the free app for your iPhone or iPad and point it at the picture.  The app does the rest!  Each puzzle has a different “game” that you can play on your phone/tablet once the app recognizes the picture.  Here are some of the best sellers from this line of puzzles:

Times Square augmented reality jigsaw puzzleColorful Activity at Times Square
You can put your own picture on a Times Square billboard.
Animals in Africa jigsaw puzzleAnimals in Africa
Watch a video of a real African safari.
Underwater Ravensburger augmented realityUnderwater
See a beautiful video of fish swimming through your puzzle.
Lofoten, Norway AR jigsaw puzzleLofoten, Norway
Have your very own Norwegian snow globe.
Paris puzzleParis
Enjoy an informative 360 degree photo of Paris at night.
Satellite World Map AR jigsaw puzzleSatellite World Map
Play a quiz game with the answers right on your puzzle.

And here is a video of two of an augmented reality jigsaw puzzle in action:

Ravensburger puzzles – something for everyone

If you’ve done any puzzling at all, you’ve most likely worked a puzzle by Ravensburger.  Personally, I’ve done dozens of them.  The Ravensburger brand had been around since 1883 – they started off making games and began producing puzzles in 1964.  And we are glad they did!  As one of the largest producers of puzzles in the world, they make something for everyone.  And I’ve always experienced the highest quality when working on Ravensburger puzzles.  Below I’ll try to capture the breadth of what kinds of puzzles you can get from Ravensburger but you’ll have to do some exploring on your own to see the depth of what they have for sale.

World’s Largest Puzzles

We’ve linked to them a lot on Puzzle Lodge, but I can’t help but get excited about the biggest puzzles in the world. Ravensburger produces 2 puzzles that each have 32,256 pieces. The pieces come in 8 bags arranged by puzzle section, but I think you’ve got to mix them all together if you are going to tackle one of these big boys.

Keith Haring: Double Retrospective Jigsaw PuzzleKeith Haring: Double Retrospective A View of Manhattan Jigsaw PuzzleA view of Manhattan

Puzzles for Adults

Ravensburger has a hugely deep catalogue of standard puzzles for people like us to work. You can find a pattern that you’ll love anywhere from 500 to 5000 pieces. We haven’t ordered one of these yet, but you can now get a custom puzzle made with your own picture on it! All you need to do is upload a picture and they’ll do the rest.

Ravensburger puzzle - custom 1000 pieces in a tinCustom 1000 piece puzzle in a tin 99 Beautiful Places on Earth Jigsaw Puzzle99 Beautiful Places on Earth
Kitchen Cupboard Jigsaw PuzzleKitchen Cupboard 1665 World Map Jigsaw Puzzle1665 World Map – 3000 pieces!

Puzzles for Kids

Not surprisingly, Ravensburger has a large catalogue of puzzles for the younger set. They range in sizes and difficulty, so you can almost always find an appropriate gift for any youngsters in your life. In addition, Ravensburger seems to have licenses to create puzzles for lots of brands that your kids will love – everything from Disney to Thomas the Train.

Ravensburger Frozen Friends PanoramaFrozen Friends Panorama 3 shaped Cars Ravensburger PuzzleWorldwide Racing Fun Cars Puzzles
3 Shaped Thomas and Friends Ravensburger PuzzlesThomas & Friends: 4 Friends 4 Shaped Puzzles Happy Animal Buddies 300 piece Jigsaw PuzzleHappy Animal Buddies

3D Ravensburger Puzzles

In addition to all the variety Ravensburger provides in standard lay-flat puzzles, they also have a good selection of 3D puzzles to choose from – mostly architectural. When you are looking to work something a little different a 3D puzzle can be a great choice. And the finished products usually look good enough to display on a shelf. I’ve completed the below listed globe (it looks great!) and have given the Cinderella Castle as a gift.

Ravensburger 3D The Earth Puzzleball - 540 PieceThe Earth Puzzleball Cinderella's 3D Castle 400 Piece Ravensburger PuzzleCinderella’s Castle

We’ve just scratched the surface of what Ravensburger puzzles has to offer in this post. To spend some time with more of their options you can look on their Amazon Store.  And they keep a list of their newest games and puzzles on their site.  Also, check out the Ravensburger YouTube Channel for some fun puzzling videos.  And if you can look here to find the latest Ravensburger puzzle deals.

Puzzle Tables

Where oh where to work on a jigsaw puzzle that is out of the way of others? We can’t always have our in process puzzles spread out on the dining room table in our house, so we recently were on the lookout for some good options for out of the way places to dedicate to puzzling. Nothing beats a good puzzle table! Below are my choices for some of the nicest contained spaces to on which you can can do a puzzle. Some are full freestanding tables and others are solid puzzle boards that are easy to move around.


Jigboard 1000 puzzle board from JigthingsJIGBOARD 1000
Puzzle board that will fit puzzles up to about 30 x 20 inches.
Jigboard 1500 puzzle board from JigthingsJIGBOARD 1500
Bigger board – up to 36 x 26 inch puzzles
Jigtabel jigsaw puzzle table from JigthingsJIGTABLE
This rolling table has lots of nice options and can be used for more than puzzling. Shown with a JIGBOARD on top of it.
Lifetime 37 inch folding table37 inch Square Folding Table
Reasonably priced folding table that can easily by set up in a corner any time you want to puzzle.
Bits and Pieces round puzzle spinnerRound Puzzle Spinner
Work the puzzle from any angle! Holds up 20 x 27 inch puzzles.
Bits and Pieces square puzzle spinnerSquare Puzzle Spinner
This rotating table top can fit any puzzles up to 34 x 34 inches.

There is a pretty good variety of different surfaces that you can do your puzzles on – everything from boards up to dedicated puzzle tables. I’ve just included one folding table that looked sturdy with a very reasonable price, but there are lots more options if that is the way you want to go when looking for a puzzle table. If you want something a little more bendable, we have a separate post up with our favorite puzzle mats as well as other helpful accessories we use all the time.

If you find yourself in the mood for another kind of puzzle table – as in actual puzzle shaped pieces of furniture – then I found these tables, which are really cool!

Mystery Puzzles

I’ve been waiting for a good chunk of time to write about one of my favorite genres of jigsaw puzzles – mystery puzzles.  Mystery jigsaw puzzles are so much fun to work on that I almost always have one in process somewhere in the house.  There are a couple of variations in the mystery puzzle genre, but generally solving one includes reading a short story, putting together a puzzle (the puzzle does not match the picture on the box!), and then using clues in the completed puzzle to solve a mystery.  A lot of times you are solving a murder mystery.  Without further ado, here are some I’ve enjoyed:

BePuzzled Mystery Puzzles

The mystery puzzles from BePuzzled are always high quality.  Each 1000 piece puzzle comes with a booklet that contains a story.  You read the story and then assemble the puzzle – clues from both the text and the puzzle are needed to solve the mystery.  Here are a few samples to get you started, but there are a ton of them to choose from.  My favorite is probably the Sherlock Holmes one.

Sherlock Holmes and the Speckled Band Mystery Jigsaw PuzzleSherlock Holmes and the Speckled Band Recipe for Murder Mystery Jigsaw PuzzleRecipe for Murder
Foul Play and Cabernet Mystery Jigsaw PuzzleFoul Play and Cabernet Murder on the Titanic Mystery Jigsaw PuzzleMurder on the Titanic

Alphabet Mystery Puzzles

TDC Games created this series of really fun mystery puzzles.  The series runs from “A is for Arson” to “I is for Internet”.  Each puzzle comes with a two 500 piece puzzles – mixed up in the same bag!  You read a story and then begin the painstaking task off separating and assembling the 2 puzzles – which are before and after images of a crime scene.  You then need to compare the 2 puzzles for the clues to solve the mystery.  These guys are especially fun to do with a group in one sitting.  We usually open a bottle of wine and go to town.

A is for Arson Mystery Jigsaw PuzzleA is for Arson B is for Birthday Mystery Jigsaw PuzzleB is for Birthday
F is for Feline Mystery Jigsaw PuzzleF is for Feline G is for Golf Mystery Jigsaw PuzzleG is for Golf

Those two series of mystery puzzles are my favorite, but there are other brands as well.  But I’ve also worked and enjoyed some other brands as well. There are several murder mystery puzzles in the Murder She Wrote Murder Jigsaw Puzzle series.  I also liked this CSI: NY puzzle and the Curse of the Feline Pharaoh.  All in all, combining puzzling with a little sleuthing really makes for a good evening.

Spiderman Puzzles

I’m a Spiderman lover going all the way back to the comic books when I was growing up. One of the movies was on tv the other day when I was flipping through the channels, which got me in a nostalgic mood and started me looking for a Spiderman jigsaw puzzle.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find much variety for adults, most of the puzzles out there are for kids. I did order the best adult puzzle I could find – it is the first one listed below. I’l let you guys know how it is once I’ve had a chance to work it.


Spiderman 3 Photomosaic Poster Jigsaw Puzzle 300pc Spiderman 3 Photomosaic Poster
This 300 piecer is the best puzzle I could find for adults.
Spiderman Floor Puzzle 46 piecesExtra Large Piece Floor Puzzle
Great one to do with your kid – 24 x 36 inches big!
Spiderman 48 piece puzzle tin lunchboxTin Lunchbox – 48 pieces
I love when puzzles for kids come in lunchboxes. Superhero lunchboxes are another nostalgia trigger for me.
Marvel Ultimate Spiderman Puzzle Tin LunchboxTin Lunchbox – 100 pieces
Another lunchbox, a little harder puzzle.
Amazing Spiderman 3d Puzzle Glows in the DarkGlow in the Dark 3D Puzzle
This one is 60 pieces and comes with 3D glasses. And, did I mention it glows in the dark!
Spiderman Super 3D Jigsaw Puzzle 150 PieceSuper 3D Spiderman Jigsaw Puzzle
This 150 piecer comes to life as you shift your viewing angle.
Marvel Spiderman Lenticular Puzzle Lenticular Puzzles
There are several sizes of this 48 piece lenticular puzzle.
Spiderman Panorama Puzzle in a TinPanorama Puzzle in a Tin
This one is 3 puzzles of different sizes that fit together to make 1 large panorama.

So those are the best Spiderman puzzles that I could find. The good news is that there is a nice variety of types of puzzles that would make great gifts for the kids in your life – a panoramic, a 3D, a glow in the dark, one that comes with a lunch box, etc.

One thing I noticed though is that they all focus exclusively on Spiderman. I would have like to have seen some other characters from the universe more prominent. Give me some Peter Parker, Gwen Stacy, Aunt May to flesh out the universe. I’d like to see more bad guys too – Green Goblin, Doctor Octopus, Sandman, etc. Oh well, I guess it makes sense to feature Spiderman – since his name is in the title after all 🙂 Hopefully this list will help you find a Spiderman puzzle you love for yourself or any kids you are looking for presents for.