Jigsaw Puzzle Used To Test Ellis Island Immigrants’ Intelligence

Found some really interesting news out of The Smithsonian this week.

Most of us use jigsaw puzzles as a stimulating or relaxing activity, but back in the early 1900s they also provided a much more unjust use.

Ellis Island immigrants were presented this simple wooden puzzle as part of a test to gain admittance to the country. Apparently, the people who failed to assemble the puzzle correctly could be deemed “feeble minded” and risk being sent back home.


jigsaw puzzle

The puzzle, when correctly assembled (above), represents the profile of a man.

They called it the “Feature Profile Test” and according to the puzzle’s designer Howard Knox, it served the purpose of measuring those who might serve as a burden to the state due to their insufficient mental makeup. Yikes. Doesn’t seem like open-mindedness with respect to immigrants has changed too much!

But as for the use of jigsaw puzzles, I think we’ve found plenty of productive ways ūüôā

Toronto Silent Film Festival Puzzle Contest

I found a fun challenge for fellow puzzlers and film enthusiasts!

The Toronto Silent Film Festival, which runs April 6-11, has a fun puzzle contest on Instagram.

21 pieces represent 7 silent films and if you can assemble them correctly you can DM the solution for a chance to win a prize! In order to assemble the puzzle, Instagram users will have to search for and save the images in the proper order.

Good luck and enjoy!

The New Yorker’s Jigsaw Puzzle Game

I knew The New Yorker had their own series of jigsaw puzzles but today I discovered they also have a pretty fun online jigsaw puzzle game! The puzzles are all different New Yorker covers and you can choose your level of difficulty from three options.

The controls are pretty simple. You drag your mouse over one or several pieces to move them and use your arrow keys to rotate pieces.


The game will automatically time you so you can challenge yourself or your friends. You can also refresh and try as many different covers as you’d like! It’s pretty fun and also pretty easy to sneakily work on while you’re at work. I won’t tell if you won’t.


If you don’t already have a¬†New Yorker subscription, maybe this will be the thing to change your mind!

I’ve already completed three of these bad boys and don’t see myself quitting any time soon. Have fun puzzling!

Apparently Jigsaw Puzzles Are Truly Timeless

I was reading through the news and came across this interesting article about the history of the jigsaw puzzle and it’s appeal.

Here’s something you might not have known (I certainly didn’t):¬†The first puzzle is attributed to Englishman John Spilsbury who created the first one in 1767. He was a teacher and a cartographer and cut up a wooden map of England and Wales for his students to reassemble and simultaneously learn British geography.


The article also contains a series of interesting facts about the jigsaw puzzle in its evolution from 1767 to today. For example, jigsaw puzzles exceed 10 million dollars a year (wonder how much we’ve all contributed to that number…).

Check out the article if you’re interested, and let me know if you have any more fun jigsaw puzzle facts! I’m thinking of compiling a list for a separate article coming soon.

Happy Thanksgiving all!

Man Assembles World’s Largest Puzzle… Only To Find Pieces Missing

This was a story I came across that both made me sad and chuckle a little bit.

A puzzler from the Isle Of Wright assembled this epic 5.7 meter jungle scene only to discover there were 4 pieces missing.


The puzzle was supposed to be 33,600 pieces. He spent over a year assembling it. Poor guy! I thought I knew the feeling but then again I’ve never exceeded 2,000 pieces!


Apparently he aims to complete the world’s 10 largest jigsaw puzzles, which will probably take him years. Wish him luck on that.

You can actually buy the puzzle here for a cool $350. Just hope the pieces are all there!

Puzzle Truck Fundraiser

Figured my fellow puzzle people would think this was interesting!

Check out this incredible fundraising page for “My African Toy Puzzle Truck” on¬†IndieGoGo:

The Puzzle Truck is an indoor/outdoor wooden toy that encourages creativity and physical play. A portion of the proceeds from each truck sale will go toward building a soccer stadium for the Mkombozi Soccer League in the Kilimanjaro region of Tanzania in east Africa.

For every¬†purchase of a “My African Toy Puzzle Truck,” $10 will go toward building the state of the art soccer facility in Tanzania. This soccer facility will serve the Kilimanjaro community by providing a safe space for gathering and providing economic opportunity for local residents with jobs maintaining and managing the facility.

puzzle truck 1

The Puzzle Truck comes as an unassembled kit with over 50 pieces to be put together. The healthy, non-toxic, no-glue and no-screws design safely encourages creativity, motor skill development, and physical activity.

puzzle truck 2

You can donate to this awesome project and get your own puzzle truck by visiting the IndieGoGo page! Here’s that link one more time for you. Puzzle on!

Hard Jigsaw Puzzles Giveaway

The giveaway is now over, and we’ll be notifying winners within the next 48 hours. Thanks to everyone who entered, and stay tuned for more giveaways later this year!

Congratulations to our 3 winners!
Lynn from Ontario, Canada won the Krypt Puzzle
Ellie from Georgia won the Pencil Collage Puzzle
MaryAnn from Wisconsin won the World’s Most Difficult Jigsaw Puzzle: Dalmatians

We created the Puzzle Lodge because we love jigsaw puzzles. ¬†And while it’s fun for us to write about the many puzzles that are out there for kids, like Frozen, Spiderman, or Star Wars puzzles, what we really get excited about is finding new and interesting puzzles that we adults like to do ourselves. ¬†That’s why this week we’re giving away 3 hard jigsaw puzzles:

Krypt hard jigsaw puzzle
The Krypt Silver
World's Most Difficult Jigsaw Puzzle: Dalmatians
World’s Most Difficult Jigsaw Puzzle: Dalmatians
pencil collage hard jigsaw puzzle
Pencil Collage

These three should provide many hours of fun for anyone, but there are plenty of other options if you are looking for a difficult puzzle. ¬†We’ve written¬†about hard jigsaw puzzles several times, including here and here. ¬†We also just found a new contender for the largest jigsaw puzzle in the world.

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New Largest Jigsaw Puzzle in the World

Bigger is not always harder, but we are suckers for huge puzzles. ¬†And right now, no one is making them bigger than Ravensburger. ¬†We’ve talked about the¬†Keith Haring: Double Retrospective puzzle several times already in the past.

Keith Haring: Double Retrospect - 32000 Pieces PuzzleThis puzzle is¬†32,256 pieces, is 17 x 6 feet big, and weighs 42 pounds. ¬†A serious challenge! ¬†Well, the fine Ravensburger folks have not been resting on their laurels. ¬†They recently released a new jigsaw puzzle with the same specs. ¬†Behold, “A View of Manhattan“:

ravensburger_view_of_manhattan_32000_piece_puzzleThis puzzle is created from 65 individual high resolution digital photographs taken as part of the Manhattan Gigapixel Project.  It features a beautiful view out of the 61st floor of Rockefeller Center.  This is guaranteed to be hours of fun for your whole puzzling team Рassuming you have the floor space to work this latest entry into our search for the largest and hardest puzzles in the world.

Check out our full post if you want to see our other entrants in to the Hardest Puzzles in the World.