Celebrate Earth Day With These Earthy Puzzles!


Earth Day is coming up soon, and Lord knows our Earth could use some appreciating these days.

Here’s a little collection of jigsaw puzzles to help you celebrate this planet we all live on!

3D Globe Puzzle

540 curved pieces make up this globe of a puzzle.
99 Beautiful Places On Earth
From ‘Old Faithful’ to The Great Wall Of China, thisĀ 27″ x 20″ covers some our planets gems.
Smithsonian Earth PuzzleHere’s a beautiful 1000-piece puzzle brought to you by our friends at The Smithsonian. National Geographic Collection
This collection from National Geographic includes 10 gorgeous jigsaw puzzles.
‘Planet Earth’ Everest Puzzle
500 pieces of beauty brought to you by BBC.
Northern Lights Puzzle
One of the world’s most amazing natural wonders in 1,000 pieces!
Grand Canyon Puzzle

This panoramic 1,000 piecer measures 13″ x 39″.

Earth Facts Puzzle

This fact-filled earth puzzle rewards the assembler with some earthly knowledge. 1000 pieces.

To be quite honest, narrowing this list down was a challenge. There are a ton of beautiful nature puzzles out there! If you have any favorite earth or nature-themed jigsaw puzzles, feel free to share them in the comments below.

And while you’re at it, give a big ol’ thank you to the third rock from the sun!

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