The Hardest Jigsaw Puzzles

So you’re up for a challenge huh?  We’ve scoured the puzzle world looking for the nastiest, hardest, most challenging jigsaws out there.  Whether you’re going it alone, or puzzling as a team, these are sure to keep you busy for a long time.

Keith Haring: Double Retrospect – 32,000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

Keith Haring: Double Retrospect - 32000 Pieces Puzzle

This puppy is no joke.  42 lbs. of puzzle and only 6 colors (plus black and white), you’d better be in it for the long haul.  Also, don’t forget that you’ll need a 6 foot by 17 foot area on which to assemble this monster puzzle.  And we thought that Life, The Great Challenge was tough.  It is available online if you think you are up for the task.

“This is really really hard. usually I can finish a 5000 puzzle in a week, but I am not even close to finishing 1/8 of this puzzle in almost 3 months….. “

Krypt Silver 654 Piece Blank Puzzle

Krypt silver Compared to the Haring puzzle, this one is downright miniscule.  Don’t be fooled by the piece count, this puzzle is hard.  Very hard.  After a full evening of puzzling, I’d completed only about a quarter of the edge pieces.  After a few weeks, with a little help, I finally completed the entire, cursed Krypt.  Ravensburger is taunting you with this one.


Impossible 750-Piece Cow Country Puzzle

Impossible Cow Puzzle That strategy you usually start with? The one where you isolate the edge pieces and work from there? Forget it. This puzzle has no edge pieces to lean on.  Multiple images at different angles make it really tricky to get a sense of what’s up and what’s down.  Oh, not enough?  There are 5 extra pieces that don’t fit anywhere. Go to Cow Country today.

“If you bought a puzzle called “impossibles” you knew what you were getting in for, and you won’t be disappointed. I think adding the extra five pieces was a little cruel, but I think that’s what they were going for!”


1991 World’s Most Difficult Jigsaw Puzzle ” Cats Edition ” Double Sided – 529 Pieces

Cats Puzzle The noisy patterns make this one tough as it it, but Buffalo Games has gone a step further and made the puzzle double sided.  It’s the same artwork on both sides, but the image has been rotated 90 degrees, which makes placement a real bear.  Buffalo also has a Dalmatians version of this puzzle, but it can often be tough to find.  Meow now!


Life, The Great Challenge – 24,000 Pieces

Life, The Great Challenge

We’ve written about this one before, but it remains an all-time favorite.  While it may not be as big or have as many pieces as the Keith Haring puzzle, it is still a monster of a puzzle.  By Royce B. McClure, it’s got something for everyone.  Land, sea, and space, it’s all there in Life.

“It took us 34 days!! Working primarily after work and weekends, it took us approx 400 man hours to complete.”