It’s Thanksgiving Puzzle Time!

If the price of Thanksgiving flights or the stress of planning a large gathering is getting to you, try taking a little you time with these awesome Thanksgiving-themed puzzles.

I did a little searching and came up with these puzzles below, but please share if you have any Thanksgiving favorites of your own! Looks like there’s a lot to be thankful for in the jigsaw world.

Harvest Basket

I’m definitely guilty of owning a bowl of decorative gourds… But if you’re not this will do the trick! A toughie at 1500 pieces.
Barn Turkeys
Just don’t think about the fact you’re eating them… 550 pieces!
Standing Turkey PuzzleThis adorable little guy stands up, so it’s less about puzzling and more about cute holiday decor. 11 pieces, 6 1/2″ x 5 1/4″. Snow Turkeys
It’s been a weirdly warm fall, but we’ll see what happens in a week! 500 pieces, 13″ x 19″.
Saturday Evening Post Thanksgiving
Kind of a cool, wholesome photo! It’s 1000 pieces and measures about 19″ x 27″.
Fall Harvest
Here’s another harvest puzzle. Gotta love those fall colors! 1000 pieces.
Prairie Turkeys

Surprise, more turkeys! Aren’t they cute before they’re cooked? 550 pieces, 24″ x 18″.

Cornucopia Puzzle

Something about Thanksgiving just screams farms. Here’s a cornucopia puzzle! 1000 pieces, 20″ x 28″.


Stay tuned for some winter-themed puzzles because I’m already getting excited about that.

Enjoy and have a wonderful holiday.

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