The New Yorker’s Jigsaw Puzzle Game

I knew The New Yorker had their own series of jigsaw puzzles but today I discovered they also have a pretty fun online jigsaw puzzle game! The puzzles are all different New Yorker covers and you can choose your level of difficulty from three options.

The controls are pretty simple. You drag your mouse over one or several pieces to move them and use your arrow keys to rotate pieces.


The game will automatically time you so you can challenge yourself or your friends. You can also refresh and try as many different covers as you’d like! It’s pretty fun and also pretty easy to sneakily work on while you’re at work. I won’t tell if you won’t.


If you don’t already have a New Yorker subscription, maybe this will be the thing to change your mind!

I’ve already completed three of these bad boys and don’t see myself quitting any time soon. Have fun puzzling!

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